Mushroom Project
Help us buy containers to grow mushrooms for a new source of nutrition for our girls and students to have strong bodies and healthy minds!


Dear Friends,

I visited Mainsprings' first campus in northern Tanzania in the fall of 2017. I was amazed by the holistic programs offered- from education, to female empowerment, to healthcare, to the impressive permaculture (farming) projects- all of which have a focus on sustainability. When I learned about Mainsprings' goal to expand their campus model to a new community, I decided I wanted to help out. With the inspiration I gained from their farming projects, coupled with my connections in the mushroom industry, I decided to partner with the Mainsprings team to design a sustainable mushroom project for its developing second campus.

Our goal is to fundraise $15,000 to outfit two containers to grow oyster mushrooms that will be insulated using local materials and cooled using solar and geothermal cooling systems- all natural! This project will be big enough to produce more than 1,300 pounds of mushrooms annually… that's a lot of mushrooms. The mushrooms will be able to provide an incredible source of nutrition for the girls, students and staff that eat their meals on the campus every day, and the excess will be an excellent cash crop to sell in the city, where mushrooms fetch a hefty price. This will not only improve the nutritional value of the meals provided on the Mainsprings second campus, but will also help to provide a source of income for the organization to assist with its sustainability goals.

I would greatly appreciate any donation you can offer. I know that your donation will be one that keeps on giving for years to come.

Thank you,

Karl Ahlgren

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